Valentines Day Baby (Birth Story)

I got up on Valentines day to a lovely bunch of flowers, a cup of tea in bed… and a small show! Feeling fine at that point we carried on with our day, having my brother and his family over for brunch. They arrived at midday, by which time I was having some mild twinges and by the time they left at 2.30 they were feeling much more defined and coming approx every 15 minutes. I went to lie down to start to put my hypnobirthing relaxation techniques into practice.  Once focussed on relaxation and breathing, things started to move along quickly and by 5pm surges were coming every 6 minutes. As we were hoping to use a birthing pool at the women’s we decided to call the birth suite then and they said we may as well as start to make our way in.  By the time we got to the Women’s at around 6.00pm the surges were at least every 4 mins.

After a short wait we were lucky enough to get a birthing pool room, all the time surges getting closer together and more intense. The pool was filled straight away and our midwife advised to get straight in as things were progressing so quickly. After a short but intense period of breathing baby out, Rudy James Joseph Howells arrived into the water, at 8.15pm, weighing 9lb 11oz, amazingly still in his own intact amniotic sac! The midwives actually thanked us for being able to share in such a rare experience!
After what was an ‘eventful’ birth of our first son 3 years ago, we are over the moon to have had a calm, natural and pain relief free experience, putting into practice the breathing, positioning and relaxation techniques learnt via Hypnobirthing and Yoga.  We’re now all just getting re-accustomed with the joys of caring for a newborn, amazing how quickly they grow and you move on with them!