FREE Taster Sessions

Afraid of giving birth?

Heard too many birthing horror stories and want your experience to be different?
Had a difficult previous birth experience and can’t face going through that again?
I can help you…

I hold monthly FREE Hypnobirthing taster sessions and you are all invited to join me! Whether you want a natural birth or just some tools/techniques to help you approach birth WITHOUT fear…Hypnobirthing classes can help you in ways you never expected.

You will:

  • Become more empowered and knowledgable about labour and birth
  • Learn how severe PAIN does not have to be an automatic accompaniment of labour
  • Discover techniques which will work with your body
  • Feel prepared and in control no matter what turn your baby’s birth takes

Transform your pregnancy and your birth and prepare yourself for parenthood with Hypnobirthing.

Here is what some of my lovely Mum’s have to say about preparing for their baby’s arrival with me and Hypnobirthing:

“My birth experience was amazing and I know it sounds crazy – but I would do it all again if I could. Hypnobirthing and Liz gave me the confidence to and self belief I needed to have a positive and beautiful birth experience. Also, my husband knew what part he played, and what he needed to do to ensure that amazing Hypnobirthing experience. All of the midwives were amazed at how calm and in control I was. I was even told at one point that I would have to go back home as the midwife didn’t think I was in labour. I must admit though, one other thing that makes me feel great is that I can stick my fingers up to every single person that laughed when I told them I would have no pain relief and told me that I would be screaming for an epidural! Love the fact that I can say “I told you so!” Thank so much Liz – we couldn’t have done it without you xx”

“Liz was amazing – she has such a calm and loving style and her depth of knowledge is amazing, there wasn’t a single question or aspect that wasn’t answered thoroughly in a way that I could easily understand and accept. She know’s hypnobirthing inside and out – and can apply her own personal experience to this too and she totally believes that any woman can have the wonderful birth they choose. That confidence is infectious! With Liz’s help we were able to have the magical home birth that we wish for – that was an enjoyable (did I really just say that!) and amazingly memorable. Thanks Liz, you rock! xxxxxxx”

Come along, to my comfortable Therapy Room at a convenient location near Solihull hospital, for a free no obligation session, have a go at relaxation and meet one of my Mums who had a great birth experience using Hypnobirthing.

The next session is Thursday 22nd November 2018.

Please drop me an email with the subject line Taster Session or text Taster Session to 07939571542 and I will book you in and forward you the details.