FREE Taster Sessions

Afraid of giving birth?

Unsure what to expect?

Clueless as to how the body ACTUALLY works?

Happy to wing it?

Want your experience to be different?

If any of this resonates with you. I can help.

We hold monthly – no obligation – Hypnobirthing taster sessions. You are all invited to join. Don’t let fear stop you preparing for the birth you deserve.

You will:

  • Become more empowered and knowledgable about labour and birth.
  • Learn how fear affects your labour.
  • Discover techniques which will work with your body.
  • Understand how your body actually works.
  • Learn the amazing Calm Breathing technique – a must have life hack.

Taster sessions are currently being held both virtually and for a small charge (refundable when you arrive at the taster) in my own home. 

Head over to the testimonials page to see what others are saying.

Drop me an email at with the subject line Taster Session.

Or, text ‘Taster Session’ to 07493031832 and we will book you in and forward you the details.

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