FREE Taster Sessions

Afraid of giving birth?

Heard too many birthing horror stories and want your experience to be different?
Had a difficult previous birth experience and can’t face going through that again?
We can help you…

We hold monthly FREE Hypnobirthing taster sessions and informal conversations. You are all invited to join! Whether you want a vaginal birth or just some tools/techniques to help you approach birth WITHOUT fear…Hypnobirthing classes can help you in ways you never expected.

You will:

  • Become more empowered and knowledgable about labour and birth
  • Learn how pain does not have to be an automatic accompaniment of labour
  • Discover techniques which will work with your body
  • Feel prepared and in control no matter what turn your baby’s birth takes
  • Transform your pregnancy and your birth and prepare yourself for parenthood with Hypnobirthing.

Here is what some of our lovely Mums have to say about preparing for their baby’s arrival with Enhance Your Birth.

“We joined Hannah’s course unsure about what hypnobirthing was really all about and if it would be right for us, but open minded and keen to learn. What we found is that the course covers such a broad approach to pregnancy, labour and beyond that there’s a multitude of techniques and advice that will speak to even the most cynical hypnobirthing newcomer. The combination of science and the practical and emotional aspects of labour and birthing provides a wide range tips and tricks for all types of parents-to-be to take comfort and confidence from….Hannah went over and above every week to provide additional information and advice tailored to our own preferences and situation. She was on hand to answer any questions in between lessons and we feel we can turn to her even now having finished the course and leading up to the big day

“If you are anything like me – an ill-informed bloke – the word hypnobirthing will initially summon wacky scenes of shamanistic rituals involving alchemist potions, bizarre animal noises, and enchantingly repetitive breathing. Turns out that only some of it was true (I will leave you to discover this for yourself). Whilst guided by the extremely knowledgeable Hannah, I came to learn that hypnobirthing is so much more: a fresh approach to life rather than a quick ‘life-hack’.”

Come along to our free no obligation taster sessions and meet one of our Mums who had a great birth experience using Hypnobirthing.

All our events are on eventbrite. Once booked on you will receive details on how to log in.

Alternatively drop us an email at with the subject line Taster Session or text Taster Session to 07493031832 and we will book you in and forward you the details.