Seonaid’s Positive Back to Back Birth Experience

I started having mild surges on Monday at 4 am, I sent Ollie off to work as they were only twinges and I stayed at home and made some scones!!

They started to hot up at 11pm on Monday and were getting slightly stronger through the night and the day on Tuesday. By Tuesday night the surges were coming faster and I had a show. I just kept doing the breathing though the surges and called Netherbrook to just check in and say that we thought things were progressing.

The surges got stronger but were manageable with a bath a bit more hypnobirthing and the birthing ball, until at 4 am the midwife said to go to hospital.

I got to hospital and the first check showed I was 3cm dialated. The midwife said that she’d like to keep me there as at 4cm I’d be in established labour. When they checked me at 9am I was 5 cm dialated and the surges were getting stronger.

The midwife said that she would suggest filling the pool in about 40mins or so but with breathing etc I lasted about another 2 hours then got into the pool at about 11 am ish on Wednesday.

After a bit of a long labour….over 5 1/2 hours in the pool, and over an hour of trying to birth Charlie’s head the midwife suggested a move onto dry land as Charlie was a little stuck. I had very little gas and air in the pool but didn’t find it really worked with my breathing so discarded it really (used it only when getting ‘repaired’ later on!!!).

He was back to back with his head in an awkward position. The mid wives gave me ample opportunity to birth the head but I opted, with advice, for an episiotomy and within seconds Charlie’s head and whole body appeared!!

He was holding his cord and had managed to wriggle so much in my tummy that the cord was also wrapped around his arms legs and body!! Ha ha! His heart rate remained steady for the whole time and he had a little tiny cry for seconds when they passed Charlie to me but then he was so calm and just looking around!

The midwives said that 9 out of 10 women would have had a c section long before he was born due to his position and size and that they were really impressed with me. I have no doubt that hypnobirthing played a massive part in this and although the last bit was not quite as serene as the births we saw (there was a bit of groaning/ screeching at the very end!!) I don’t think I would have ended up with a vaginal birth at Netherbrook without hypnobirthing!

Really very proud of myself given what the midwives said! He slept with all arms and legs stretched out from the first night and everyone comments about how chilled out he is and we are! I have been using the breathing from hypnobirthing when things get a bit overwhelming since he has arrived too! We can’t thank you enough!!

We registered the birth a few days ago and officially he is Charles Oliver James Ward and we think he’s just perfect!! X x x