Is the second pregnancy easier than the first?

Let’s get started with me imparting the knowledge that…I love pregnancy!

I love being pregnant (well, I like the bit after the morning sickness and the bit before you just want lie down in a dark room and wait for baby to decide to make an appearance).

The whole thing AMAZES me. It is the beginning of a life, of course, but it is also THE most life changing thing that will EVER happen to you.

Your first pregnancy, you exist in a kind of bubble. It’s lovely, you’re not sure what is going on really but your partner is more responsive, you can lay off the housework a bit more (and not get too much hassle), you can nap, you have an almost surreal glow about you.

So, your first baby comes along and you make your way through the newborn phase (tears, sore boobies, sleep deprived but so, so in love!). And 18 months later, wham- your pregnant again!

Whooooaaaaa- how did that happen?? Ok- so even if you planned it, a little bit of you is thinking that anyway!

This time round, pregnancy feels different. I remember it so well! You contend with the first 3 months of feeling tired and crappy. You are just waiting for the glowing pregnant goddess within you to break through and before you know it you are 6 months and she ain’t showing up this time!!

Pregnancy with a little one already in tow is a whole different ball game.

Less time to relax.

More “stuff” to tidy up.

Places to be.

A little person to constantly entertain.

Your partner, although still very understanding and supportive, needs you to take less naps (what?!!).

And so you end up in a bit of an exhausted vacuum. Let’s not even get started on work (they were so excited about the first but now it’s like they are bored already?!!).

All this is, of course, interspersed with moment after moment of sheer wonder, joy, excitement and gratitude. But that doesn’t take away the need to relax, unwind and have some serious ME time! Or the desire to connect completely and totally with your baby and to just let go of the fears and anxieties that dog you each day.

Lets just get it clear- its OK to feel these things. I have felt them too! It isn’t selfish to want some time out and to take care of yourself. Its simply good parenting.

Think about what you can do to reduce your stress levels and experience a calmer more relaxed pregnancy. Have a pregnancy massage, talk to your partner about your worries, learn some relaxation techniques, do gentle exercise or enjoy some time to yourself to have your hair or your nails done!

These reasons and more have led me to arrange a temporary escape, a momentary getaway, a wondrous pause in life before it all gets a little crazier (a love infused crazy). Join me on my Pregnancy Retreat on the 8th July for 24 hours of where my focus will be on;

– providing you with the support you need to enjoy your pregnancy,
– helping you to release or demystify any fears that you have about giving birth,
– restore balance and positivity into your life
– encouraging you and showing you how to bond with your baby

Get in touch on to receive a full itinerary and book on to get the ME time you deserve!

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