Screw the birth prep…I’m gonna wing it…

hypnobirthing solihull, pregnancy, antenatal classes“Screw the birth prep…I’m gonna wing it”….



This (or something similar) I hear quite regularly. From educated, intelligent women.

Women who revised for their GCSE’s, NVQ’s, A Levels, Degrees, Diploma’s so they had the knowledge and information that they needed.

Women who practised driving prior to their test so they could feel confident.

Women who researched for interviews.  Did practice questions and answers so that they were aware of the latest developments within their careers. And knew as much information about the prospective employer as possible.

Women who thought about what they were going to wear on a first date, considered what the atmosphere would be like, how to connect with their beau (lots of batting of eyelashes and fancy knickers etc!).

Yet, when it comes to what is ultimately THE most important moment of their lives…the moment when they they bring their precious baby into the world and begin the life changing process of becoming a parent, they opt for…winging it.

It just doesn’t make sense.

There must be a reason why women choose not to educate themselves about birth.

Why they choose not to practice breathing and relaxation techniques.

Why they don’t consider making an informed choice about where to birth their baby.

Why they don’t think about the environment in which their baby will born.

Could it be fear? Fear of standing out, being different to others. Fear of things not working out as they had planned.

Could it be tunnel vision? We are all so programmed to believe that birth is this horrible experience we have no control over…is it just too hard for people to think it could be better than that? If they think it’s going to be awful anyway perhaps there isn’t any point in doing any prep.

Could it be blind faith? Total and utter faith in your body, that it knows what to do…so why do anything?

I’m not sure what the reason is. Maybe there are many. What I do know is that women who spend time preparing for labour and birth using Hypnobirthing have the benefit of;

  • Increasing their knowledge about birth- knowledge is power
  • They find the best place to birth their baby and realise that a hospital birth surrounded by doctors isn’t always the best place for you to give birth (but also that sometimes it is)
  • They take time to connect and bond with their baby. Preparing themselves for parenthood.
  • They feel positive about their upcoming birth and empowered to make decisions.
  • They know their options
  • They know that not every labour sails by without a problem, but they feel confident that they can adapt to whatever may occur
  • Their partners know how to support them because they have been through the classes together.
  • Their partners can advocate and communicate well with care providers

Women who prepare for birth using Hypnobirthing make such massive changes to their mindset and the way they feel about birth, it transforms their pregnancy, birth experience and even impacts their whole lives for the better.

Why wing it? Why chance it? You only get one shot at each birth- so make it the best most positive experience it can possibly be.

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