I thought I might as well dive right in there with a big topic and look at what makes birth so painful.

Dr Grantly Dick Read (a natural birth pioneer and author of Birth Without Fear) discovered the Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome. From his own experience (and vast studies) he discovered that poor, uneducated women in the early 1900’s could give birth with very little discomfort and quite often in a short space of time.

He wondered what it was that the lower class women were bringing into the birthing environment that made them give birth so differently from more educated, upper class women. He then realised that actually it was something that they WEREN’T bringing into the birth that was having the amazing effect on how they delivered their babies…it was FEAR.

Fear actually causes the arteries leading to the uterus to constrict and TENSE up which causes restricted blood flow and oxygen to the very muscle which is trying to function efficiently and give birth to your baby. This is what causes the severe PAIN we associate with birth.

So in today’s society, with the level of information we have at our finger tips along with all the media that is so readily available at the touch of a button, how can we prepare for a birth without fear?

Well, you can learn how to relax, practice relaxation, read books about birth, talk to your local Doula, take a regular yoga class, research Reiki or other alternative/complementary therapies…and perhaps most importantly of all choose an antenatal course which will empower you to birth without fear and teach you techniques to work with your body. HypnoBirthing can do all of these things!

When you practice any or all of the above during your pregnancy and in preparation for your big birthing day your baby reaps the benefits. A baby who grows and develops in a relaxed body with a relaxed Mummy is exposed to lots of happy hormones (endorphins) which can help your baby to be happy, content and calm.

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