Rachel’s confident and rewarding 2nd birth experience

‘After an amazing hypnobirth at Solihull MLU for my first daughter, I was adamant that I wanted to have my second daughter there too! I wanted everything to be the same! But this pregnancy was not going to run as smoothly….
At my 20 week scan, I was advised that there was a brightening showing on the babies bowel known as an echogenic bowel. They referred me to a consultant to have it checked further. The sonographer explained the baby may have just swallowed some blood but of course when I got home I googled ‘echogenic bowel’ and was diagnosing all sorts! I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to give birth at Solihull anymore but after a quick conversation with Liz, I felt a bit calmer.
When the consultant scanned me, he had no concerns over the brightening and reassured me I could still give birth at Solihull. I was over the moon. I continued to be monitored through my community midwife.
Then during a conversation with my midwife at around 36weeks about where I would give birth, she advised I wouldn’t be able to go to Solihull as the baby was tracking on the 90th percentile so they wouldn’t accept me. I was so upset as I was not aware of this. As I had a scan booked in at 37 weeks to check the placenta positioning, my midwife changed it to a growth scan. Liz was really helpful here again to help me put things into perspective and discuss my options. Following the scan I was plotting just under 90th percentile so once again was allowed to be referred to Solihull! As I was 37 weeks at this point, Solihull we’re suppose to take over my care but then received a call from my midwife to advise that I couldn’t give birth at Solihull as there was an alert on my records due to the echogenic bowel. I was so upset and angry by this point as I was not clear why this hadn’t been cleared up. I spoke a someone reference the alert and was advised that my baby would need a scan on the bowel before it’s first feed and this would need to be at heartlands. My baby would always comes first and I understood if this was required but as far as I was aware, there was no concern anymore!! Liz helped me to contact the head of midwifery to escalate my concerns as not going to Solihull was no longer my concern, it was why my baby needed a scan before it’s first feed! The consultant was looking into this for me.
Then the day before my due date, I woke up at 2am as my waters released. I called Heartland MLU to see what I needed to do as I had no surges. They advised to come in for a quick check up. I had to call my parents as my 3 year old was asleep. They came around 3:30am and we got to heartlands around 4am. They checked my waters and the babies heartbeat and all was ok. I declined an examination as I had no surges at this point. They checked up about the scan the baby may need and found out it wasn’t required! At this point I was happy and calm to give birth at Heartlands. I got home about 6am and I decided to go for a lie down on my bed. I started to get some tightenings but were quite mild at this point. They gradually became more frequent so used the breathing techniques Liz had taught me as I walked around my room. I felt really relaxed with my home comforts and felt very in control of my breathing. My husband took our daughter to nursery around 9am when I felt the surges getting stronger and closer together. I called Heartlands and said I was coming in. When my husband arrived home at 9:30 we were back on the road again towards Heartlands with my mum in the back! We arrived at 10am and I asked for some gas and air whilst they filled the pool (delighted that the pool on the willow suite was free!) They advised that they don’t like to give it too early on in labour but I advised that I may seem calm but I think the baby was coming soon. They examined me and I was 8cm! I got into to the pool and continued with my breathing. My husband was key at this point in reminding me of which breathing I should be doing and keeping me focused. Margot Mae Whelton arrived at 10:54am weighing 7lb 7 (34th percentile!!!) The student midwife advised it was only her second ever birth and she couldn’t believe how calm I was and how quickly she arrived!
Overall, hypnobirthing helped me to keep calm in those situations where things weren’t going ‘to plan.’ As this was my second hypnobirth I decided to do a refresher with Liz but Liz wasn’t just there for me for that session – she was there throughout the pregnancy keeping me in check!! She reminded me that I didn’t need to give birth in Solihull to have a positive experience, I had everything I needed to create a positive experience anywhere I went! Thank you Liz xxxx’