Niamh’s hypnobirthing journey

I knew I wanted to use Hypnobirthing not long after I found out I was pregnant. Birthing is treated like a secret society, like it is something you have to suffer through and everyone wants to share their horror stories like it is funny even when you are scared. It becomes this looming deadline and it is now inescapable. I refused for that to be me.

Then I saw two birthing videos on youtube of women talking about hypnobirthing/positive birthing/calm birthing. And they had labour for hours, both their babies were back to back and got stuck and one had to have an emergency c section. They both smiled and talked about how happy they were and what they loved and how they managed their pain relief and how they had planned and prepared and whilst things changed they felt ready and it was their choice to change tactic and proceed.

My mother booked birthing classes, she had had birthing classes for both me and my brother (15 years apart) and was adamant they were the best thing I would get all pregnancy (spoilers, she was right). So I found Reena online, and we booked private lessons after talking to Reena about my severe phobia of needles, my partner’s possible fainting at the sight of blood and our desire to find someway to take this ridiculous mix and make a positive, calm birth experience from it.

My partner and I went from overwhelmed to informed, and panicking on the inside to complete calm and conviction in the first session. It is about commitment – commit to the work and you’ll see the difference immediately. I had some techniques so well rehearsed my body would shift immediately into calm. It was brilliant and also the chance to bond with my partner more over our pregnancy, having the time each week to just be together, focus on this life event without any of the other complications or distractions that come along with it getting in the way of our love and care for each other. Our love and care made this amazing person become real and it needed to be celebrated and acknowledged too. Our bond deepened and grew with each class.

At 38 weeks we suddenly found out baby was breech. This was a complete shock and almost felt unreal. We had very little time to get to grips with it and change our original plan and preferences to accommodate this new reality. Reena was a star. We had finished our classes but that didn’t mean suddenly she wasn’t there. She offered advice and support, asked me how I was and how my partner was doing (something no one else asked) and gave me more advice and options and gave me practical advice of how to adapt certain techniques to help for the ECV and c section.

Please, if you do nothing else for yourself, make sure you get these classes. The books are great but nothing beats having a person there to help you and explain to you what you need.

I had a wonderful birth and think on the whole experience with joy. Thank you so much for helping me with that and gifting me that experience.