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Children's Positivity Challenge

This ‘5 Day Children’s Affirmation Positivity Challenge’ is about helping your children to build a feeling of self-worth, confidence and gratitude.

The affirmations are also designed to encourage children to think about the world around them, to take notice of the things that are already great and positive in their lives, as well as encouraging them to connect with their feelings and emotions.

Research shows that the things we value and believe about ourselves as children form the foundation of our lives.

I remember being a child, one who suffered quite severely from anxiety, at different times, and my ‘self-talk’ was shocking.

‘I am stupid’

‘I am ugly’

‘They will laugh at me’

‘If I just hide in the corner of the class room, maybe no one will notice me’

I wanted to be invisible.

This went round and round in my head all the time.

Often as adults, we can be bound by the limiting beliefs that we learnt during childhood. These negative ideas can impact the way we think about ourselves, our abilities, our confidence and ultimately what we achieve in life.

Teaching our children to think positively about themselves will:

  • Change their lives for the better
  • It will make them feel more confident
  • They will start to notice so many good things about themselves
  • They start to realise how amazing their lives are
  • It will pave the way for future mental health

Join this challenge and you will receive an email every morning for 5 days (starting on the 31st July) with a positive affirmation to use with your child. Each affirmation will come with a suggested activity to help you to have fun with the affirmation and really help your child to understand it.

This challenge will help you connect with your child on an even deeper level and will open up more opportunities for conversations around their emotions. This may bring up questions from you or your child so I will be available in the dedicated Facebook group to encourage you along the way and answer any questions you have about the challenge or the affirmations.

Are you ready to pave the way to a positive life for your child? Just enter your details below and lets get started!

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