HypnoBirthing? What the heck is it?

HypnoBirthing may seem a bit hippy-la-la-woo-woo for some people but its actually quite… (wait for it) practical…normal…and based on fact! Ha- bet you didn’t know that! Well, lets take a look a bit deeper into what its all about. Don’t forget to grab my FREE MP3 at the end to hear some more about what HypnoBirthing is and if you still have more questions- come along to my FREE Taster Session!

H– happy hormones! When you do HypnoBirthing you enjoy a more relaxed, calmer pregnancy! The time you devote to relaxation (most of which you can do in your sleep!) encourages the flow of endorphins through your body making you feel really chilled, good and happy! HypnoBirthing works on changing your core beliefs about birth, so when you feel more positive, you feel more calm and suddenly you are able to deal with things in a much more positive way.
Y– YOU become more confident. HypnoBirthing teaches you about your body. How it works in labour and how to work with it. As well as becoming more knowledgeable about the birth process, we teach you to become more empowered and able to communicate your wants & needs to those supporting you during your pregnancy and labour.
P– pain. The P word! Pain isn’t something we talk very much about in HypnoBirthing (depending on which method you choose of course). Pain is subjective, no one experiences the same levels or sensations. Your experience of pain is unique to you! HypnoBirthing mums report reduced levels of pain in labour with some even experiencing no pain.
N– nurture yourself and your baby. HypnoBirthing helps you to understand the importance of bonding and connecting with your baby on an emotional level. Nurturing yourself and caring for your wellbeing as a priority during pregnancy means your baby will benefit from all those happy hormones buzzing around your body, helping to produce a calm content little individual.
O– oxytocin. The hormone of love! We need this hormone to birth our babies. Fear, anxiety and stress reduces the flow of this hormone making our labours stall, slow or stop! HypnoBirthing teaches you about the importance of this hormone and how to encourage its release and flow.
B– birth. Birth is beautiful! In our classes we show amazing HypnoBirthing videos to show you how wonderful your birth experience can be!
I– intimate. We teach our couples that birth should be as intimate as the act that got you pregnant in the first place! Protect your birthing environment, keep people to a minimum, lights down low, music to help encourage relaxation and most importantly connect with your partner. Kiss, hug, eye contact- be intimate.
R– relaxation. We have kinda mentioned this one earlier but it’s so important it definitely needs to have its own paragraph! Learn to relax and you will reap the benefits in your pregnancy and your labour both mentally and physically. Relaxation allows us to switch off from the usual stresses and strains of our daily life which provides fantastic health benefits to both you and your baby. Not only that but the more you practice it the more adept at it you become and so during labour you can use your new found skill to release the tension in your body. When your body is relaxed it works more efficiently so your labour is more comfortable and often quicker too!
T– Time passing. When you practice self-hypnosis you won’t be aware of the time passing during your labour. 20 minutes can feel like 5! That stops you from focusing on how long you have been in labour and potetnitally how much longer the labour will continue.
H– hypnosis. Our sub-conscious is vast- it contains every idea, belief, memory that we have. Most women, whether consciously aware or not, will contain a negative set of beliefs about birth due to all the messages we are constantly bombarded with about birth being painful, awful and an ordeal. Self hypnosis allows us to bypass the conscious mind and access our more instinctual selves.  We can imprint a positive set of beliefs about birth into our sub conscious using hypnosis which will help create reduced or no fear about labour, resulting in reduced or no tension in our bodies during labour, concluding in reduced or no pain.
I– identify with your inner self. Ok- so THAT sounds a bit woo woo but… HypnoBirthing gives you the opportunity to learn all about the power of your mind. Your mind is in charge- the body is just a robot. So become the master of your mind, your thoughts and your feelings and you will see how that benefits your health, your outlook and your birth.
N– neocortex. This is the  rational part of our brains which is incredibly useful day to day but can actually hinder us during labour. We need to by-pass it in order to access the more primal, instinctive part of our brain and allow the right hormones to be released. So, how can we do this…Relaxation!!
G– guide your life. HypnoBirthing isn’t just an antenatal class. It gives you an insight into what you can achieve if you educate, empower and believe in yourself. Once you grasp that- you can do anything!

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