Fiona’s second Hypnobirth!

Fiona & Josh

My second baby was due on 24th June. My first was 6 days late so I wasn’t expecting for this one to arrive on time, however I woke up on 21st June having had a show. I had period pains on and off throughout the day but nothing else. At around 9pm that evening I started having mild surges that were easily manageable.

Around 12.30am i was getting 3 every 10 mins so phoned the ward and they said to wait until I was getting 3 in 9 that lasted at least one minute each. The midwife told me things might just wear off so to get some sleep however I found that lying down was not comfortable.

By about 2am they were lasting up to 1 1/2 mins and I was getting 3 in 9 so we rang again and told them we were coming in (as I wanted to get in the birthing pool!).

At 3am the midwife examined me and said I was 3-4 cm dilated but it was too early to fill the pool so I leant on the bed to breath through my surges and eventually tried lying on my side to zone out and listen to the affirmations. I kept zoning out however, every time a surge came it woke me up as I still wasn’t comfortable breathing through a surge lying down.

By 3.30am I kept getting the urge to push so I stood up to lean on the bed and breathe and my waters exploded all over my husband’s shoes lol. The Midwives came in to check and I decided to tell them I had the urge to push (as I thought things couldn’t be happening as I had only been 4cm half an hour before so I didn’t think I should tell them before!).

They confirmed the head was crowning and started to fill up the pool a bit anxiously. I lay on the bed (on my back, arggghhh, and started to push again) and they basically said that if I wanted a water birth to get in, so I jumped in at 3.58am, delivered the head straight away and had him by 4.02am!!!

So not really the relaxing water birth I was planning on but can’t believe how quickly he made an appearance, I had no pain relief, not even gas and air this time. The midwife thought I would be at least another couple of hours! The birth breathing went out the window as the urge to push took over so I just went with my body.

This was my second hypnobirth and Although it didn’t go 100% to plan (as I was only in the water for a few minutes) I really think the HB techniques me and my husband learned were a god send and made it a positive experience. Thank you Liz Stanford and the Calm Birth School.”

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