Does one Hypnobirth?

‘Does one hypnobirth?’ That is the question…I’m not going to lie, I always feel a bit uncomfortable when people say ‘I hypnobirthed’ with no further elaboration.

It sounds like an exclusive club that only certain people are allowed into. A ‘hypnobirth’ is not something to aspire to. It isn’t a thing.

Hypnobirthing is about providing people with a tool box full of techniques. These techniques are both physical and mental. They range from fundamental education about how the body works, through to breathing techniques, visualisation and so much more. To change our mindset about birth we need the combination of all the tools in the toolbox.

However, when it actually comes to birth you might use some of the birthing positions, someone else might use the breathing techniques, another person won’t use the physical tools at all, but will simply labour feeling empowered because they understand how their body is working.

Don’t be put off. This isn’t an exclusive club. Hypnobirthing is for you if you want


A birth that is connects you are your partner more deeply,


To understand how to create the perfect birthing environment (for you)


To understand how the body actually works


To birth without fear


A positive calm and empowering birth.

So no, he wasn’t a hypnobirth, but I did use my knowledge of how the body works to empower me to birth how we wanted to. If you want to know more about what hypnobirthing can be for you send me a message, let’s chat.