Sam’s refresher

Just had our hypnobirthing refresher with the lovely Hannah Percy. Lots of positivity was just what we needed with everything that is going on in the world at the moment. Time to put all of the techniques into practive again and get ready for our little lady’s arrival (Sam, Solihull)

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Open minded review of hypnobirthing!

We joined Hannah’s course unsure about what hypnobirthing was really all about and if it would be right for us, but open minded and keen to learn. What we found is that the course covers such a broad approach to pregnancy, labour and beyond that there’s a multitude of techniques and advice that will speak to even the most cynical hypnobirthing newcomer. The combination of science and the practical and emotional aspects of labour and birthing provides a wide range tips and tricks for all types of parents-to-be to take comfort and confidence from.

It would be difficult to sum up just how much we took away from the course as each lesson taught us so much than we expected. I went into the course very anxious about the prospect of labour and birth but now feel well equipped to face any twists and turns we might encounter along the way feeling calm and informed. The course led us to conversations and thoughts about birth that we would have never considered ourselves normally, helping us to feel even more prepared. The skills we learnt are applicable not only to pregnancy and birth but to everyday life and something we will take into parenthood with us.

The course gives the birth partner an important role allowing them to feel a key part in labour and birth rather than a spectator. Alongside an understanding of the process, the partner gains a toolkit of ways to help and support the mum to be. it allows any birth partner to feel confident and involved, allowing the mum to be to concentrate on herself and the baby, safe in the knowledge the birthing partner knows what to say and do for her, and what to communicate with the hospital staff.

Hannah went over and above every week to provide additional information and advice tailored to our own preferences and situation. She was on hand to answer any questions in between lessons and we feel we can turn to her even now having finished the course and leading up to the big day. We can confidently recommend the course to any parents to be or birthing partners whether it’s their first time or not. There’s so much to be taken from the course and Hannah’s efforts that we’re sure it will contribute to a calm, positive experience regardless of birth preferences or previous births. (Katie, Kenilworth)

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A man’s view of hypnobirthing

If you are anything like me – an ill-informed bloke – the word hypnobirthing will initially summon wacky scenes of shamanistic rituals involving alchemist potions, bizarre animal noises, and enchantingly repetitive breathing. Turns out that only some of it was true (I will leave you to discover this for yourself). Whilst guided by the extremely knowledgeable Hannah, I came to learn that hypnobirthing is so much more: a fresh approach to life rather than a quick ‘life-hack’.

Over the course of several sessions, we explored the connection between the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of the birthing process. Contrary to my initial assumptions, the discourse was entirely fact based and science led (Hannah is very level-headed). We delved into the complex choices we will be likely to face as soon-to-be parents, sparking internal conversation that taught us just as much about ourselves as it did about our unborn child. We learned to adopt a mindset that will arm us to make well-informed decisions whatever happens throughout the birth experience. I feel that this is what makes hypnobirthing an essential addition to the more common antenatal courses.

As we are currently in the third trimester, we cannot predict how our birthing journey will go. However, having completed the hypnobirthing course with Hannah, I believe that we will be in control to navigate through it successfully. And yes, while my wife will do the heavy lifting, I learned that there are plenty of things that I can do to support her through what I am confident will be a positive birth experience. (Koen, Kenilworth)

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I would say I couldn’t have done it without the HypnoBirthing techniques

“I was up at about 3am with mild pressure sensations which intensified by about 7am so I called Solihull Midwife Unit. They said to have some paracetamol and call again later so by 9am I called back and said I wanted to come in! Arrived there at 10am (after quickly packing a bag!) and was told I was 4cm!! They were really busy so had to wait for the pool. That bit was the hardest but Dave kept me calm and reminded me of my breathing which really helped! I played the Hypnobirthing Cd which really helped to relax me. I felt surprisingly calm throughout. By 1:50pm she was here!!! I would say I couldn’t have done it without the HypnoBirthing techniques!!” Rachel, Solihull

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