Beccy’s Birth Story

Finley Cooper Rosenblatt, (due 7th Feb) born 8th February at 2.15am weighing 7lb 5ozs

Both Stuart, my boyfriend, and I experienced the most amazing birth with our newborn baby son Finley Cooper Rosenblatt. I wish I could re-live the time over and over again as it was such a truly fantastic occasion that we will never forget. I know that the hypnobirthing and also yoga classes I took, which really complemented each other, had a big part to play in ensuring I was fully prepared for Finley’s birth. I had no fear, felt completely in control and I was really looking forward to the moment when I would be birthing Finley.

The breathing techniques and relaxing skills Liz taught us, as well as the different birthing positions, really enabled me to keep calm and focussed and find a comfortable position throughout my labour and birth, so much so that I was fully dilated by the time we turned up at the hospital!

I’m not really sure when my surges started! I went out to lunch with Amy on Friday lunchtime and then we came back to mine for tea and cake in the afternoon (I started baking during my maternity leave) and looking back, I now realise I was having surges during this time but I wasn’t really aware of them. I spent a lot of time on my birth ball during the afternoon or on all fours as these positions were the most comfortable whilst I was breathing through the sensations.

My boyfriend Stuart phoned me on his way home from work about 4pm and I said I thought I was in the early stages of labour and he said to call my midwife for reassurance so I did. She said it definitely sounded like early labour so when Stuart arrived home about 5pm, and I was on all fours when he walked through the door, we decided to start timing the surges. The first one we recorded was at 17.49 and lasted 52 seconds and those that followed were about 8 mins apart but I was comfortable. Stuart cooked us a chilli for dinner which I managed to eat and enjoy and then I even remember portioning off the leftovers for the freezer as I thought if we end up in hospital tonight, I don’t want to come home to an untidy kitchen with food left out!

I then had a hot bath which eased the sensations and afterwards got myself comfortable lying on the bed using my pregnancy pillow for a short while. We called the hospital at 9pm when my surges were timing between 4 – 6 mins apart lasting approx 40 seconds. They said to stay at home until they were 3 mins apart lasting 1 mins each. After I spoke to the hospital, I found using the birth ball, kneeling and leaning over the bed or even sat on the toilet were the most comfortable positions for me, all of which I did whilst listening to relaxing music and the affirmations to provide a soothing environment for me. We called the hospital again at 11pm when they were 3 mins apart but not quiet lasting a minute each, they said I could stay at home a bit longer or come in. I managed to last another half hour at home whilst Stuart loaded up the car. Luckily it’s only a short drive to the hospital. We arrived at 11.50pm and I was having very regular surges so the walk into the reception area took a while and when we were met by the midwife to take us into our room in the birth centre, I was mid surge again and doubled over trying to breathe through it.

Within half an hour of arriving at the hospital, my waters broke whilst I was sat on the loo, very convenient! I was then examined by the midwife and she said, ‘good news Beccy, you’re fully dilated, let’s get the birth pool filled up’. I was so pleased that I had managed to stay in the comfort of my own home for the duration of my labour as planned. I had a quick go on the gas and air whilst waiting for the pool to fill just to try it but I didn’t use it again. I literally used the water as my only pain reliever. The room lighting was dimmed, the pool temperature was perfect, nicely warm, which I found really soothing and we had relaxing music playing on our Ipad so I was really calm and in the zone. Stuart was beside me the whole time reassuring me and providing light touch massages. I was only in the birth pool for one hour when Finley arrived at 2.15am. His head appeared and literally seconds later, his body was out! The midwives said he had one of his arms straight out superman style! He seems to like this position even now! I lifted him out of the pool and on to me which was amazing, he was very slippery! He had a short cord so he didn’t reach my upper body so I kept his little body under the water to keep warm for some skin to skin. Finley was very content and alert from the moment he was born. It was a truely mesmerising experience. I would definitely recommend a water birth to everyone. Stuart then took over with the cuddle time whilst the midwives looked after me. I was very lucky as I didn’t tear and no stitches were required, I was just slightly grazed.

The midwives were very impressed with how calm my birth was.

My whole pregnancy, labour and birth have been an amazing experience from start to finish and I have loved every minute of all of it. I would re-live Finley’s birth over and over again as I found the whole experience so enjoyable! I really believe the techniques I learnt through Liz’s hypnobirthing classes, as well as the yoga classes, played a big part as I was able to remain calm, relaxed and in control throughout and this has been transferred to Finley who is a very happy, content and calm baby, apart from nappy changes!

I’d just like to pass on my sincere thanks to Liz for sharing her hypnobirthing knowledge with Stuart and I. I would thoroughly recommend the hypnobirthing experience to everyone and have been spreading the word already! Liz is a fantastic and informative teacher and she’s passionate about hypnobirthing which really enabled me to understand why it was the right approach to take. It makes complete sense to me that hypnobirthing is the only way to approach labour and birth. Liz provided a very comfortable and relaxed environment for the classes, and I often fell asleep as I was so relaxed!

Thanks again Liz, you’re a super star!!