I loved it so much I decided to train as a hypnobirth practitioner myself

“I found HypnoBirthing very informative in so many ways and learning about the mind-body connection was very interesting, I also found it hugely relaxing. I had a wonderful, empowering birth, my son was born into my husbands arms in the peace of our own home very calmly, my husband even said I was smiling when breathing my son down and out, I loved it so much I decided to train as a hypnobirth practitioner myself!” Jessica, Staffordshire

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After attending hypnobirthing classes my husband and I felt much more empowered to resist medical intervention

“Hypnobirthing enabled our third child to be born into a considerably calmer environment than our previous children. Our previous births has been long and painful even with the use of pethidine and gas and air. After attending hypnobirthing classes my husband and I felt much more empowered to resist medical intervention. I used the breathing techniques and relaxation tracks to remain relaxed throughout surges. I was considered a ‘high risk’ birth and therefore had to give birth in a delivery ward in hospital, with our daughter being constantly monitoring throughout birth limiting my movement during surges. Despite these restrictions my husband and I used the techniques Liz taught us to create a calm environment for our daughter to be born into. I delivered our daughter drug and pain free within a few hours. Hypnobirthing helped us to achieve a calm birth that we had never previously thought possible.” Louise & Dean, Solihull

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Liz was amazing – she has such a calm and loving style and her depth of knowledge is amazing

“Liz was amazing – she has such a calm and loving style and her depth of knowledge is amazing, there wasn’t a single question or aspect that wasn’t answered thoroughly in a way that I could easily understand and accept. She know’s hypnobirthing inside and out – and can apply her own personal experience to this too and she totally believes that any woman can have the wonderful birth they choose. That confidence is infectious! With Liz’s help we were able to have the magical home birth that we wish for – that was an enjoyable (did I really just say that!) and amazingly memorable. Thanks Liz, you rock! xxxxxxx” Lucie, Leamington Spa

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I would say I couldn’t have done it without the HypnoBirthing techniques

“I was up at about 3am with mild pressure sensations which intensified by about 7am so I called Solihull Midwife Unit. They said to have some paracetamol and call again later so by 9am I called back and said I wanted to come in! Arrived there at 10am (after quickly packing a bag!) and was told I was 4cm!! They were really busy so had to wait for the pool. That bit was the hardest but Dave kept me calm and reminded me of my breathing which really helped! I played the Hypnobirthing Cd which really helped to relax me. I felt surprisingly calm throughout. By 1:50pm she was here!!! I would say I couldn’t have done it without the HypnoBirthing techniques!!” Rachel, Solihull

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Hypnobirthing and Liz gave me the confidence to and self belief I needed to have a positive and beautiful birth experience

“My birth experience was amazing and I know it sounds crazy – but I would do it all again if I could. Hypnobirthing and Liz gave me the confidence to and self belief I needed to have a positive and beautiful birth experience. Also, my husband knew what part he played, and what he needed to do to ensure that amazing Hypnobirthing experience. All of the midwives were amazed at how calm and in control I was. I was even told at one point that I would have to go back home as the midwife didn’t think I was in labour. I must admit though, one other thing that makes me feel great is that I can stick my fingers up to every single person that laughed when I told them I would have no pain relief and told me that I would be screaming for an epidural! Love the fact that I can say “I told you so!” 😉 Thank so much Liz – we couldn’t have done it without you xx” Reena, Moseley

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Liz was amazing not only in listening but in explaining how HypnoBirthing will still be very helpful to me to achieve what I was looking for, healthy happy baby all along and at labour

“I contacted Liz for HypnoBirthing not because I was afraid of birthing itself, I was just worried about the whole thing after losing my earlier pregnancy in an early miscarriage. Liz was very approachable and she listened in length to me explaining my worries over the phone before meeting. She was amazing not only in listening but in explaining how HypnoBirthing will still be very helpful to me to achieve what I was looking for, healthy happy baby all along and at labour. She accommodated my dates to work with my anxiety as well, and after the first two session (the first one was a free taster), I was a complete convert already. I wanted more from my labour and was determined to have a natural birth if possible, but more so to concentrate on having my baby delivered safely under any developing circumstances. My water broke when I was 33 weeks. If it was not for hypnobirthing techniques and the focus it makes you work within, I would have really panicked. Instead I called the maternity ward and woke up my husband with a smile, saying that we need to go to the hospital. Luckily with all the help and the calm state I was in, (and definitely some divine intervention!), I was not in labour, and I managed to stay so for five days, where I had the steroid injections and start the antibiotics. At almost 34 weeks, my labour started. I did not have any contractions at all (non that I felt), but my labour was mainly in my back. I did not know what it is at the beginning, but when we went back this time to the labour ward they checked me and I was already 6cm dilated. I progressed to 10cm within 6hrs and was ready to practice my J breathing. Our healthy baby arrived at almost 34 weeks by natural vaginal delivery within over an hour of combined breathing / pushing :p. I didn’t have the candle lit water birth I wanted, or the right terminology I thought everyone is going to stick to as I did provide a birth plan (at that very night), but hypnobirthing made me able to deal with these changes as my baby’s health was my priority from day one, and was even more so at the time. I was extremely pleased with my labour, and I have to say I did enjoy my pregnancy more after attending the classes as it alleviated my anxiety. I would highly recommend HypnoBirthing with a good practitioner (which Liz excelled at) to all pregnant woman if only for the relaxation part of it, and specially for those with any kind of worries.” Sam, Solihull

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I’m very happy that I chose to try Hypnobirthing with Liz Stanford…

“I’m very happy that I chose to try Hypnobirthing with Liz Stanford during my pregnancy. I had a lot of anxiety in my pregnancy surrounding the birth, especially the fear of pain and loosing control. Hypnobirthing helped me stay very calm throughout my labour with the aid of the easy breathing and relaxation techniques I was taught during the course. My partner and I really enjoyed all the aspects of the course and Liz is an excellent Hypnobirhting teacher. I can’t thank Liz enough for teaching me the skills and giving me the courage to believe that birth could be such a positive experience, without the need for interventions or drugs.” Sally S, Solihull


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My Blessingway

About half way through my pregnancy I decided that I wanted to have a Blessingway. It is a ritual that I have heard about from working as a birth professional for the last three years and I thought it fitted in well with my birth preparation.
This is my 3rd pregnancy and despite having been to many, I have never had and just didn’t fancy a baby shower. A Blessingway focuses more on mom and her journey into motherhood (no matter how many times she has made that journey). It is an old Native American ritual which allows the pregnant mama to draw support from her female friends and maternal family. It is important that the people invited make her feel calm, positive and nurtured.
I didn’t want to organise it myself so I tasked my big sis, Maureen, with the job! Between her and my Mom, and a bit of nudging in the right direction from me, they researched and organised the best Blessingway I could have asked for. There are several customs associated with a Blessingway but the best thing to do, we found, was to choose a few which you feel comfortable with and that aren’t going to alienate your guests! Compared to my friends and family, I am probably considered a bit of a hippy but as none of my circle are that way inclined, I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable – just to enjoy it!
I sent a save the date facebook message to all the inspirational and influential women in my life and then basically handed over the organisation to Maureen. The date was set for my 28th week of pregnancy. A lovely invitation was posted to each person with instructions.
I must admit I was becoming more and more nervous as the date approached! Would everyone enjoy it? Would it be too woo woo?! Would I actually get anything out of it?!
On the day of the Blessingway, I arrived early at my Mums house, the venue for the Blessingway, with my 7yr old daughter, Danni, who had been given a couple of jobs to do and made to feel very involved. Mom had a lovely afternoon tea prepared and when my sister arrived we put candles out to make the atmosphere calm and relaxing. Shortly after 2pm people started to arrive! Once everyone was there, Maureen asked each person in turn to wash their hands in the lavender & petal infused water and towel dry them. This was to symbolise the washing away of any negativity – so we could begin the afternoon on a clean slate for everyone.
Maureen spent a few moments explaining to everyone how the afternoon would unfold and the group introduced themselves to each other, calling on the strength of their maternal, female ancestors i.e. I am Liz, daughter of Catherine, granddaughter of Maureen, great – granddaughter of Casey.
Then we began with a beautiful meditation which was for me but all my friends and family members could join in too. It was lovely and so relaxing! Even though Danni, kept wriggling and poking me everytime the baby moved (just in case I had missed it!), it was still very nice.
Next up my sister, mom and my sister in laws spent time pampering me whilst the group broke for a spot of afternoon tea. I had a lovely bubbling foot spa whilst some food was brought to me. Jennie plaited my hair and put flowers in it and Rachel painted my toe nails. The rest of the group sat around the room chatting, eating and drinking tea and coffee.

Once we were all full and the pampering had finished it was time to move onto another custom. Maureen arranged everyone back into a circle and we passed a yarn of red wool around our wrists and onto the next person. Once we were all connected we could cut the yarn to disconnect ourselves but then wrap the wool around our wrists. The idea is that this will stay in place, like a bracelet, until I give birth and it will remind everyone to keep me in their thoughts.
We followed this by asking each person to read out a the poem or prayer they had brought to share. There were some beautiful offerings and I was very overwhelmed! We managed to collect most of them as people had handwritten them out and they now form part of my affirmation/positive focus wall!

Then, Danni went around the room collecting the beads from each person and threaded them onto a bracelet for me. People had the opportunity to describe the bead or state why they had chosen it. Which resulted in some laughter i.e I brought this bead because it is pink…and I like pink! When labour begins, I will wear the bracelet and draw on the support of my loving circle of females.

The whole afternoon lasted about 3 hours and it was wonderful. Everyone left with compliments for Maureen for organising such a great event. The group were surprised at how much they had enjoyed it, when they hadn’t really known what to expect! And I was left feeling supported, loved and cared for! What more could any expectant mummy ask for!

I packed off my guests with treats from me and Danni. They each got a pot of Do’Terra lavender infused Epsom salts which Danni and I made (decorated with a loom band bracelet made by Danni for each person). And a candle, with instructions asking them to light the candle when they hear I have gone into labour and to offer up some positive thoughts or prayers.
So, all we need now is for…baby to arrive!!
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To the midwife who belittled my clients choice to prepare for the birth of her baby with Hypnobirthing

Dear Midwife

I know your job is a labour of love to you. I know you chose this path because you are a supporter, a nurturer and you care deeply about women, their babies and their birth experiences.

I know you do all you can to ensure that all the women under your care have healthy pregnancies, healthy babies and positive experiences.

I know you take pride in increasing women’s confidence in their bodies and ensuring that they are informed about the birthing process.

I know you share with each woman the options they have during their pregnancy and help them decide how to birth whether low risk or high risk.

I understand all this and I thank you for it.

At least, this is what I want you to do for women.

Today you dented the confidence of someone who, 2 months ago had very little belief in her body and her ability to calmly birth her baby.

Today you knocked the faith of someone who, 2 months ago didn’t think she could give birth without drugs and intervention.

Today you made a grown woman, with a responsible job, husband, home, car feel inadequate and naive.

Today, with one comment you opened up an old wound which she had worked very hard to close.

This woman, who has a heart, a soul, a mind was treated like a child with no regard for the repercussions of your words.

Your choice of tone and words left her doubting HER choices.

Please understand the position of responsibility you have. Each word you say leaves an imprint on her.

Please understand that there are some things that you do not have adequate knowledge of to dismiss or dumb down.

The next woman who excitedly reveals to you her plans for labour, reveals how happy, calm and motivated she is to really experience childbirth, tells you how much time and effort she has put into preparing for the best possible experience for her and her baby… Please think before you respond. Think before you tell her she is wrong to feel that way.

From someone who has enjoyed childbirth, felt the elation of birth without drugs, felt the awesomeness of my body doing what nature intended, I can tell you that you are wrong.

Wrong to dismiss our method of birth.
Wrong to criticise our preparation.
And further more wrong to even comment on something so negatively that you quite obviously know nothing about.

So, I will help my client close that wound you have opened, I will help her build her confidence back up. She will once again become confident, empowered and positive.

And she will one day soon know that you were wrong and she was right.

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