An Interview with Jaki Bourne, from The Mind Spa, Solihull

JakiFor my fortnightly newsletter, I have started conducting interviews where ever possible so as to introduce you all to the many services that are available to you, that you might not be aware of!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing local mum and business owner. Jaki Bourne – here is how it went..


Name & Company Name

Jacqueline Bourne The Mind Spa Solihull

Tell us a bit about you and how your company came about.

I am a mum to three wonderful children who inspire and challenge me every day! As a single parent I am mindful of the need for parents to find balance in their home/work life and to find time within that to be a parent and a professional yet maintain a sense of being an individual and take care of themselves too. Following a huge change in my personal circumstances I found myself drawn to holistic health and found solace in reiki and other therapies My own personal experience of these was so life-changing, giving me courage and strength where I thought it was impossible, this drove my passion to learn more and develop skills to enable me help others through their life-changes. The more I strive to develop myself, the deeper my passion for my work grows – I am grateful to be able to work in this wonderful field and meet so many diverse, inspiring and fascinating people every day.

What treatments do you offer pregnant women and what are the benefits?

I offer holistic pre-pregnancy massage which is tailor-made to each Mummy-to-be’s specific needs. Treatments are planned to be delivered in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment (whether in the salon or at the client’s home if preferred). It is recommended that pre-natal massage is carried out during the second and third trimester and can help ease aching muscles, the back and soothe tired legs to name but a few benefits. Reiki (pronounnced ray-key) is an ancient Japanese healing therapy. It is a deeply relaxing and blissfully peaceful treatment that is perfectly safe to carry out throughout pregnancy. Once Mummy has delivered her little bundle of joy I offer post-natal massage which is perfectly safe, even for breast feeding mothers. Eventually our new mummies may feel ready to regain their pre-pregnancy body and may wish to begin with detox massage to kick-start their programme. Massage at all stages during pregnancy and the post-natal period improve circulation, bring much-needed nutrients to the extremely hard-working muscles and organs, improve muscle and tissue tone and quality and helps to relax and rejuvenate Mummy-to-Be at a very special time in her life.

Why are you passionate about working with Pregnant Mums?

I believe that one of the most life-changing and life=enriching experiences is that of becoming a Mum. Pregnancy itself can be a thrilling, exhausting, exciting, un-nerving topsy-turvy mix of emotions and physical changes. I believe that all Mums-to-be should be afforded the most positive experience possible to enable them to make informed choices, have input into their care and take responsibility for their own and their baby’s health by accessing a range of supportive, informative services. I am thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of the team that encourages a Mum-to-be to have the most positive experience and outcome possible during their amazing and very personal journey into motherhood.

What makes you different from other companies out there?

Having experienced a difficult first pregnancy with symphysis pubis diastasis and a DVT followed then by a twin pregnancy I feel I have empathy towards Mums-to-be and understand some of the challenges that can be faced. I understand that juggling family, work and other commitments can be extremely difficult. To this end I offer treatments at a variety of easily accessed locations, can see clients in their own homes if preferred and offer flexible appointment times to suit. I will take time to listen to the client’s concerns and needs and tailor treatments to suit each individual. I also strive to ensure our products are as “green” as possible and use botanical products where possible.

What challenges do you face in your job?

As a parent myself I find myself on the hamster-wheel frequently trying to balance work commitments with family time, however I am fortunate that I am my own boss and can work flexibly and as I get so much satisfaction out of my “work” it really doesn’t feel like I am making any compromises at all!

What is the best thing about your job?

I love meeting people! We all have our own unique, fascinating story and it is a privilege to work with people on such a personal level and to see the difference the treatments make.

What has been your greatest success so far?

Apart from being a Mum and watching my three children grow (and let’s face it Motherhood is hard to beat!!) – on a business level my greatest success has to be taking the plunge to start my business, nurture it and watch it grow and be constantly amazed and in awe of my clients, their achievements and the obstacles they overcome whether physical or emotional. Not dissimilar to pregnancy and motherhood! I’ve also been fortunate to be involved in charitable events locally which is a fabulous opportunity to “give back” and have been selected to work with some very high profile VIPs and celebrities. All in all success for me is about achieving a balance in doing what you love and loving what you do!

Are there any offers you could extend to Enhance Your Birth Mums?

Enhance Your Birth group participants are eligible to receive a free pre-natal massage – a little bit of TLC courtesy of Enhance Your Birth and The Mind Spa Solihull.

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