A man’s view of hypnobirthing

If you are anything like me – an ill-informed bloke – the word hypnobirthing will initially summon wacky scenes of shamanistic rituals involving alchemist potions, bizarre animal noises, and enchantingly repetitive breathing. Turns out that only some of it was true (I will leave you to discover this for yourself). Whilst guided by the extremely knowledgeable Hannah, I came to learn that hypnobirthing is so much more: a fresh approach to life rather than a quick ‘life-hack’.

Over the course of several sessions, we explored the connection between the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of the birthing process. Contrary to my initial assumptions, the discourse was entirely fact based and science led (Hannah is very level-headed). We delved into the complex choices we will be likely to face as soon-to-be parents, sparking internal conversation that taught us just as much about ourselves as it did about our unborn child. We learned to adopt a mindset that will arm us to make well-informed decisions whatever happens throughout the birth experience. I feel that this is what makes hypnobirthing an essential addition to the more common antenatal courses.

As we are currently in the third trimester, we cannot predict how our birthing journey will go. However, having completed the hypnobirthing course with Hannah, I believe that we will be in control to navigate through it successfully. And yes, while my wife will do the heavy lifting, I learned that there are plenty of things that I can do to support her through what I am confident will be a positive birth experience. (Koen, Kenilworth)