Are you 34 weeks pregnant or more? Then this is for you!

Are you 34 weeks or more? Do you feel like you are running out of time? Thinking, maybe I should have done more preparation…feeling overwhelmed, unsure, hoping and crossing your fingers that everything will be ok during your labour? Perhaps you don’t have the time or the childcare to dedicate yourself to the dates and times of a full on antenatal course? If this is you, I might have a solution!

I have 2 slots in my which I have blocked off to deliver a bespoke version of the Hypnobirthing course I teach- tailored just for you. This intensive course will be taught in 1 day. The course will ensure that:

  1. You will feel more in CONTROL of your birthing
  2. You will learn how fear effects your labour and how to ELIMINATE those effects
  3. You will learn how your body works during labour and how to work WITH it
  4. You will become comfortable and familiar with 3 MUST HAVE breathing techniques
  5. Most of all you will learn how to have CONFIDENCE and TRUST in yourself and the birth process!!

During the session we will ALSO cover;

– the stages of labour, what actually happens and what to do!
– birth preferences/plans (I will help you to prepare your own)
– the  Birth Companions Role- how you partner/mum/sister/friend can support you
– Induction, Special Circumstances & how to remain in control and positive     no matter what.
– relaxation and massage techniques
– and much more!!

I have taught this intensive version of the course many times before and the results are AMAZING!! My goal, when teaching, is to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed, happy and that when the course is finished you feel positive, confident and in control.

The course comes includes;

6 hours teaching time (with a 45 minute lunch break)

An experienced HypnoBirthing Practitioner (me!)

The Practical Guide for Modern Mamas to Create a Calm, Positive Hypnobirth by Suzy Ashworth

5 MP3’s (including a Birth Rehearsal and a Fear Release)

All materials

Lunch & Refreshments

A comfortable environment & convenient location

Ongoing email and telephone support with me after the course is finished

Access to a Secret Facebook Group

Discounted (optional) Relaxation Classes 

All of this for £160 (group rate)!

I have limited spaces available! You can secure your place by paying a £50 deposit via PayPal. Here are some instructions to help;

Go to, type in the amount and press send. Since it’s PayPal, you know it’s easier and more secure than cash. Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem. It’s free and easy to create a PayPal account.

If have any questions, please contact me for more information, I am happy to discuss everything over email or in the phone.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Wishes

Liz x